John Cauthen, a certified planner and public housing manager, has 35 years of experience in planning, specializing in providing planning and management services to over 70 public housing agencies across Tennessee and the Southeast.

Cauthen & Associates was founded on the principle of maintaining direct participation in each project by a principal of the firm to ensure the highest quality of service to our clients. The result of this foundation has proved quite successful. We are an information-based, task-oriented firm, driven by professional associates with a clearly-focused mission to provide a cost-effective design focusing on our clients’ vision and development needs.

In the 20 years that Cauthen & Associates has been operating, we have participated in the design and/or planning of over 7,500 projects in Tennessee. Over 80 percent of our annual revenue is attributed to repeat business giving us a strong indication of our clients’ satisfaction that reinforces our belief in the founding principle of direct participation.

Planning and Management Services

John Cauthen, PHM
President/Principal Planner
Machelle York
Senior Project Coordinator
Donald Sechser, PHM
Senior Planner
Colleen Vesser
Senior Office Administrator


Troy Williams, R.A.
Professional Architect
Rick Rogers
Architectural Designer


Stephanie Coles
Office Coordinator